5 Facebook Ad Tools For an Effective Campaign

March 2, 2020

5 Facebook Ad Tools For an Effective Campaign

You may have something to offer to the public that they may be interested in. You may have the money to bring attention to it through ad campaigns. But you can’t sell something if you don’t have the right marketing strategies/tools. Keeping in mind the traffic on Facebook and the updated algorithm, it has become even harder to grow on the platform if you don’t advertise your product/service etc. the right way.

This is where the following 5 Facebook tools come in; put in a little effort to bring out the best version of your ad via these tools and increase the probability of your ad’s success.

Facebook Audience Insights:

This Facebook tool allows you to target your niche audience. Keeping a track of the audience’s activities and ‘likes’ allows you to increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies. First of all, you will choose between saved audience (the entire population of the Facebook users) and the followers of your Facebook page. Most of the times advertisers restrict their reach to the people who may be interested in their product/service. This is to ensure that they develop a target audience while decreasing the cost per action (CPA).

  • Facebook Page Like Tab:

This tool allows you to see which pages your target audience has been liking. The collected data from this activity ensures that you develop an ad that is relevant to your audience. For example, if it is a car service ad that you are making, you will go to ‘Adverts Manager’ and click on ‘Audience Insights’.

The pages related to car service that has been liked by people will be shown once you type ‘car service’ in the search engine. The Page Like tab would then reveal an audience that may be interested in your ad, considering that they had liked similar pages earlier.

Make sure to type-specific terms instead of generic ones while looking for page likes. Doing so will create a ‘seed’ audience instead of a mass audience.

  • Activity Tab:

Once your ad has been published, you might want to keep a check on the activity of your audience to come up with ways to improve the ‘views’ of your ad. You need to know how many times your ad has been clicked as compared to the general clicks on Facebook. If the number of clicks on your ad is not enough, you can then come up with ways to counter this problem. But first, you need to have authentic data which can be attained via Activity Tab. You will be able to see how many times different genders and people of various age groups have responded to your ad.

Facebook Business Manager Creative Hub:

Facebook’s Creative Hub is a platform where you can create mockups and test your ad before going live. This will save your time and money while helping you figure out ways to improve the efficiency of your ad. You can also test your video performance beforehand.

  • Facebook Ad Mockup:

Lawyers tend to have mock trials before a big case. So instead of testing their waters in the courtroom, they practice beforehand to prepare themselves for any problem that may arise later in court. Similarly, as an advertiser, you can create a mockup ad on this platform.

Go to the Ads Manager menu and select Creative Hub. Click ‘Create Mockup’ on the top right and choose the type of ad you want to design.

After you have made and saved your mockup, you can either send it to your mobile phone to edit it later or upload it to Ads Manager for your campaign.

  • Ad Text Tool:

It is vital that your ad attracts an audience therefore, the design and layout of the ad should be smart. Go to Manage Mockups and click on Tools. Make sure that your text is in compliance with the Facebook rules and is able to attract readers.

  • Get Inspired:

In case you need inspiration, Creative Hub has got you covered! Click on Get Inspired tab and view other ad campaigns to see how to display layouts and formats that have been used to attract an audience. This learning tool will aid in ad making for sure.

  • Video Testing:

According to Facebook Business, around 100 million videos are watched on Facebook every day. Videos are a means of connecting with the Facebook audience which is why Creative Hub has given its users the option to test their videos. You may upload five videos at a time to see which one of them gets the best response. However, this tool does not come free of cost. An estimated amount of $400 is required for a single video that shall be played for 72 hours. The test results enable advertisers to mobile-friendly videos that are suitable for their campaigns.

Facebook Ads Split Test Tool

Facebook Ads Manager gives you the option of splitting your videos to create a more profitable audience. In order to improve future campaigns, you answer specific questions related to different variables (delivery optimization, placement, ads, audiences, etc.).

This tool basically splits your audience and makes sure that there is no overlap between them. The aforementioned variable is then tested after which a result is complied to show which of those perform the best for you. The cost per result is then calculated and compared. The split test can go on from day 1 to 30 but it has been recommended to let it run for at least 4 days.

Once the result is generated, you will receive a notification and an email.

Caution: Do not edit your data while the test is running otherwise it will affect the result.

Ads Test and Learn Tool

Facebook’s split tests under the Test and Learn tool let you optimize your campaign to make it more effective. Since Facebook ads lack staticity it is rather difficult to produce an entirely authentic result. With the results obtained, you can come up with strategies to increase the budget of your campaign too!

You can play around with different marketing strategies and use the best one that this tool comes up with.

  • Ad Account Test:

Conversion lift will allow you to better understand the impact of your Facebook ads on your business value. First of all, you will target an audience in accordance with your business objective. Secondly, Facebook will divide the randomized audience into two groups: Control Group (cannot view your ad) and Test Group (will see your ad). Thirdly, the Test Group then sees the ads. Fourthly, you pass on your conversion data to the Facebook team. Finally, they compare the conversions of the said groups and calculate the conversion lift.

Here’s what the result may look like:

  • Campaign Comparison:

Similar to Ad Account Test, this test also involves two groups (Control and Test). However, this time there will be two more groups; Test Group 2 and Control Group 2. Random sampling will be done according to the preset method during the second campaign.

Facebook then compares the results of these groups. This allows you to determine which campaigns are the most successful in spreading your business. However, it must be noted that this test requires a big budget.

Facebook Budget Optimization:

Do you want to automatically allocate a bigger budget to the ads that are doing well? Campaign Budget Optimization is a tool that uses an algorithm to automatically optimize your budget according to the arising opportunity.

Before the budget optimization begins, you need to first check which audience is the best for your current campaign. After a process of testing, you need to set a budget that is proportional to the size of your audience. It is recommended to allocate 20% of your budget to a smaller audience and 80% to the larger one. But before this math begins to boggle your mind, you could always use the Budget Optimization tool.

You will either choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget.

The budget that you choose will be applicable to all of the ad sets so make sure your budget is large enough for the entire campaign.

Once you have decided on a budget, you then choose your audience and select ad placement. Then define how much you would like to spend, and when you’d like your ads to appear. In the case of a lifetime budget, you have to choose a set period (including start and end dates).

This tool will continue to optimize your budget as per your business objectives and aims.


Before you step into the field of Facebook advertising, you should keep in mind that there is no foolproof method of achieving your desired goal. With the aforementioned tools, you can delve into a hit-and-trial procedure until you find the tools/strategies that suit you best. However, given the speed with which the world of advertisement is changing, technology is becoming a must. Therefore, using the tools of a multimillion dollars networking company for the purpose of promoting your business is going to guarantee better opportunities for you.







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