Grow your business with the best Instagram story strategies

August 14, 2020

Grow your business with the best Instagram story strategies


Among the most used social networks, Instagram has become the most popular one these days. As Instagram allows you to share pictures and stories on the go, it has become a powerhouse for many businesses. Yes, it helps in the growth of business as most people interact through Instagram on a daily basis.


Here in this article, we will take a comprehensive look into the various hacks and strategies which will help you increase your user engagement. Our entire focus will be on the Instagram stories, their making and the way you should use them to boost your business revenue.

How to create an Instagram story

Before moving on to the strategies part of the article let’s grow through the process of posting a story on Instagram, which is pretty simple.

  • Swipe right or click on the camera icon on the top left corner of the screen to open the story interface.
  • Here you can add a photo, video, a text quote along with various effects like superzoom, boomerang, etc. You can also opt for a live or hands-free video.
  • You also have an option to share a previously taken picture by swiping up or down with the date stamp on it. 
  • Tap on the screen to change the font style and color of the text, you can also add hashtags here.
  • Browse through various stickers provided in the menu which includes selfie sticker, poll sticker, question sticker, and more.
  • Use pen styles to edit or decorate your photo, plus you can redo it with the help of an eraser.
  • Instagram also features various filters for your photos, you just need to slide left or right for the filters.
  • You can monitor the performance of your stories by swiping up and checking the view count of the story. You can also monitor the analytics for which you need to be on the Instagram business profile.
  • In case, you need to add multiple pictures and videos in your story. Just click on the icon on the bottom left corner which will open the camera pictures and videos. Post this, click on the icon on the top right side of the screen, you can now select 10 pictures or videos and upload them in one go.

Strategies for posting Instagram stories

In this section, we will take a look at the various strategies that one can employ while posting Instagram stories. These strategies will help in increasing customer engagement, spread brand awareness and drive eCommerce sales.


  • Frequency and timing of the stories


The frequency of the story entirely depends upon your content and your audience. You can post ten stories per day and would not get leads or can post less than that and can get more than expected. Posting more stories will cause not harm till the time your content is fresh. The timing of the story is not much important as your stories have a time period of 24 hours, hence they will be seen by your followers anyway. To be more accurate post the stories when your followers are mostly online.


  • Story Content


When you are posting a story for your business perspective, make it more and more attractive and engaging. Instagram offers a bunch of tools by which you can make your stories fun, lighthearted and easily conceivable. All that matters is the content in your story.


  • Hyperlinks in the story


Instagram offers a great feature to embed links to your website pages in the stories. This feature is the best way to convert a visitor into a potential customer. Embedding links into your Instagram stories is the best way to increase customer interaction with the website which in turn will boost your business ROI.


  • Tag other business accounts


This method is great for getting more followers and enhancing engagement with the audience. By tagging other accounts, the audience of other accounts will visit your account which will inturn increase your followers.


  • Polling and questioning 


Another great feature that has been recently introduced by Instagram is the polling and questioning feature. Using these, you can ask a question or conduct a poll regarding any product or service. It is a great way to interact with your audience and on the other hand, gather feedback and ideas.


  • Share live videos or IGTV videos


When you have a business that includes live interaction like for food and cooking or any advertisement. This feature comes in handy. You can conduct a live short cooking show or can do a video advertisement for your product which will also increase customer interaction. 


  • GIFs and stickers


GIFs and stickers are also a good way to engage your users. Use a countdown sticker for indicating a sale timing, and even better insert a “new post” sticker in your story to drive users to your account. 


  • Instagram story highlights


Instagram story highlights is a feature that comes into play when you need to reshare your best performing stories after 24 hours. It also helps the user to rewatch the story when they visit your page.


Strategies to drive sales through Instagram stories


  • Shopping stickers


Similar to the hyperlinks embedding method, you can embed the hyperlink for the product page in the Instagram story. This will redirect the users to the product page and will help in boosting sales.


  • Ads


Advertisement tends to bore the users most of the time but what if they are presented at a time when the users are focussed. Adding advertisements in the stories make the users take action immediately and in turn enhance sales figure.


  • Promote content


Promoting the story is just like an advertisement with a difference that promote option lets you use an existing story as an ad. You can set the location where you want to send people, plan the budget, duration and also the target audience. This how promoting the content works.


Tools for enhancing Instagram stories

  1. Inshots for story backgrounds
  2. Unfold for story templates
  3. Over for text and graphics
  4. Canva is the tool for the overall development of a story



  1. The above article explores the various methods and strategies that one can undertake for his business. Doing this single handedly will be a tough job. So, we at Lift Social can help you achieve great heights in your business niche with the help of our advanced tools and techniques. We design a whole new plan entirely specific to your business needs.
  2. Canva for the overall development of the image

In a nutshell, undertaking all these tasks on your own becomes a bit tough. Hence, to add convenience to your business, we at Lift Social have professional tools and personnel to work for you. We develop stimulating content and graphics that will help your business grow exponentially in no time. Plus, you will be always ahead of your competitors.

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